Foggy thoughts

Picture: This was taken a while back, the strong colour with an incoming layer of thick fog, almost like your minds clarity being knocked off course. I’ve always liked Autumn it’s like the end of the start, how something dying can be so beautiful i’ll never know.   Personal: So i’m a a couple of […]

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The mind is like a dense forest.

  Picture: This almost Nordic like photograph I took almost has a haunting beauty to it, seemed to never end with sky high trees with a vibrant ground filled with colourful grass.   Personal: Slow day, not slept for a couple of days. I feel like I have my eyes open but I’m not awake […]

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The incoherent shadow

  Picture: This was taken at the top of a local building, it was a gloomy day and I saw this black Crow sat looking down, felt quite symbolic of how my current situation is.   Personal: Well it’s been a few days since I last blogged due to being busy, I was confronted by […]

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Relationships and mental health

  Picture: This was taken during a trip to┬áDovestone Reservoir a while back with my partner, It was a very windy and wet day! but was highly enjoyable.   Personal: Well as most will know mental health and relationships can be very volatile if your partner does not understand or have experience in dealing with […]

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Furry companionship

Photograph: one of the many photos I take of my dog his name is Winston and keeps me company during my hard times without judgement, how do we deserve these beautiful creatures?   Personal: Another day passes, I’ve been relaxing with Winston today listening to some music, drinking copious amounts of tea. My mind tends […]

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A hidden fairytale

Photograph: Came across this during exploration, thought it had a real fairy tale, one of my favourites I’ve taken. Personal: Today has been a struggle not feeling myself, not sure what to do with myself. Days seems to be almost squished together, the concept of time seems to be lost.

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